The 16 Best Spray Sunscreens for Face and Body in 2023

From kid-friendly mists to SPF-packed setting sprays.

woman using a spray sunscreen on the beach
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I could write a dissertation about the best sunscreen products in my sleep. SPF is my holy grail, my can’t-live-without, my must-have. I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of formulas through the years, and I’m confident that there’s nothing as quick, easy, and convenient to apply as one of the best spray sunscreens. Because whether I need to reapply sunscreen over makeup or want a non-sticky full body mist to use on the beach, a super-fine SPF spray is always going to be my MVP. 

The convenience can’t be beat, and while a spray can be just as effective as a cream sunscreen formula, it’s important to take a little extra caution during application to avoid bizarre tanning patterns (been there, done that, not cute) or sunburn. The recipe for success? Hold the bottle no more than six inches away from your body and thoroughly rub everything into the skin. As for the face? Start off with a cream formula (mineral or chemical will do) and reach for a facial-friendly spray SPF for reapplication. 

To get a crash course in all things spray sunscreen, I strongly encourage you to keep reading. Not only have I rounded up some of my personal favorite products, but I also tapped board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky to get her top application tips. From fine mists with a barely-there feel to makeup setting sprays loaded with SPF, here’s a definitive guide to the best spray sunscreens. 

The Best Body Sunscreen Sprays

“When using sunscreen, I recommend applying at least one ounce of sunscreen to the entire body—this is the equivalent of a shot glass,” explains Dr. Zubritsky. “This can be hard to determine using a spray-on sunscreen, so a good rule of thumb is to apply the spray until the skin glistens.” You’ll want to keep the bottle close to the skin (no more than a six inch distance) and rub the product in. 

For reference, a standard size bottle of spray sunscreen should last *only* six body applications. Let that sink in: one bottle is worth only six body applications. 

The Best Face Sunscreen Sprays

First things first: the face is sensitive, so it is going to be best to start off with a cream formula. That said, a spray can be used for reapplication—just make sure you’re using one of the best formulas. “Choose a spray sunscreen that is specifically made for the face to prevent clogging pores and acne breakouts,” explains Dr. Zubritsky. “Be sure to avoid getting any in your eyes and keep your mouth closed while spraying.”

The Best Makeup Setting Sprays With SPF

A setting spray packed with SPF is Dr. Zubritsky’s go-to for reapplication with makeup. Setting sprays easy as can be to apply over makeup and won’t mess up your foundation or cause your mascara to bleed. Just make sure you’re applying enough product to actually get the benefits on the bottle. Reminder: you want to “glisten.” If you’re more into a matte look, check out the best powder sunscreens

The Best Ultra-Fine Sunscreen Sprays

If you *despise* the sticky, greasy feeling of sunscreen, we have some good news: There are a handful of products that spew out SPF so fine, you barely feel it. They sink into the skin, dry down in seconds, and won’t leave your face or body with a damp or wet feel. 

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