12 Shampoos for Greasy, Oily Hair That Work Wonders

And won't leave your hair feeling like straw.

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Greasy girls, I see you, because I am you. My hair is fine and I have a lot of it, which means that even one day after I shampoo it, I can already feel my scalp's natural oils settling and conspiring against me. And despite inundating my entire head with my go-to dry shampoos to keep my strands looking fresh for as long as possible, the grease just builds and builds. News flash: More than any other product, your shampoo is what makes the real difference in how your hair looks (and feels) in the days to come.

For me, the perfect shampoo imbues some volume and leaves my roots feeling squeaky clean without stripping my scalp and making it feel like I took a Brillo pad to it. That's the problem with using just any formula if you know you're more grease-prone than others: If the ingredients are too heavy, it can leave your hair flatter and more oily than it was to begin with. To keep your strands from this unpleasant fate, it's best to search out lightweight or clarifying shampoos that will detoxify your roots without irritating them. Thankfully, as the years have gone on, brands have gotten smarter when it comes to zapping oil and keeping your hair looking just-washed by including ingredients like micelles, vinegars, and clays in their products. Here, we've rounded up the very best options to keep your scalp serene and your strands squeaky clean.

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