The 24 Best Shampoos for Natural Hair, According to Celebrity Stylists

The industry's top curl experts have spoken.

The 24 Best Shampoos for Natural Hair, According to Celebrity Stylists
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When wash day rolls around, you need a shampoo that's going to give you the best curls of your life. Period. And in the over-saturated land of shampoos, that is not easy—especially for women with natural hair. Fun fact: No one curl is the same—even you have several different curl patterns (opens in new tab) on your head of hair. It's important to find the right shampoo that caters to various curl types and deeply nourishes hair with hydration to keep dryness, damage, and breakage at bay without weighing your curls down. I know, that's a lot of asks, but the right shampoo will exceed these expectations. And who says you need to lower your shampoo standards? Absolutely no one.

Whether you're looking to hydrate your hair in preparation for a protective style or you're cleansing your hair in between a heated style, skipping shampoo is not an option. To save you time and the stress that comes with testing every shampoo under the sun, I tapped trusted celebrity stylists to share what they love using on their textured hair clients. From drugstore gems, eco-friendly faves, to shampoos worth splurging on, read on for the absolute best shampoos for natural hair, recommended by the pros.

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