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The 30 Best Natural Hair Products In 2021

Cheers to your curls flourishing all year long.

natural curly hair products
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Say it with me: Having curly hair is an honor and privilege. Then, repeat it one more time. Solange, who so eloquently reminded us that our curls are our crown with her heartfelt lyrics featured in 2016 single "Don't Touch My Hair", further reaffirmed that we should be proud to treat our hair like royalty. With that being said, natural hair is still a lot of work, and requires top-notch products to keep curls flourishing. No one curl is the same, and it's important to know what works for you and the universal hair rules that apply to every single hair type.

Thankfully, there hasn't been a shortage of amazing products that cater to natural hair. There's literally something for everything. Considering that the curly styling options are endless, your product shelf has to be in alignment. And as hard as it is, don't be afraid to try something new! Testing new products will only allow you to get to know your curls better—embrace the experiment, even if the results don't always add up. From sophisticated styling creams to next-level leave-in treatments, find the very best curl products naturalistas should know about, ahead.

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This Lightweight Cream
Hydrating Styling Cream

Frizz is a curly girl's number-one foe, which is why we adore this anti-static styling cream. Infused with argan oil, it can prevent and protect you from bad hair days. Apply it as the last step in your hair routine.

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This Customizable Curl Cream
Custom Curl Cream

No one strand of hair is the same. Even your head of hair, yes, yours, is holding several different textures at once. Prose creates a custom product made for you and your curls only with the help of active botanical ingredients. Not only does taking a very detailed survey about your hair and receiving this very personalized product make you feel very special, it also drives results. 

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This Sulfate-Free Co-Wash
Miss Jessie's

All fellow curly hair gals know the key to luscious, frizz-free, off-the-chart volume starts with what you use in the shower. So it's crucial to pick up sulfate-free products that won't wear down your hair. This nourishing co-wash delivers a moisturizing cleanse without suds and leaves your hair incredibly soft and manageable.

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This Anti-Inflammatory Oil
B. Well Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil

Dealing with a dry, itchy scalp? This potent dose of pure tea tree oil contains antimicrobial properties that will soothe your scalp. It's a concentrated amount so the brand recommends diluting this with water or a carrier oil before application.

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This Reviving Deep Conditioning Treatment
3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner

The first of our many drugstore favorites is one of the best moisturizing products on the market. Infused with avocado and Australian jojoba oil, this nourishing treatment only needs to chill in your hair for three minutes before you (and your curls) can go out and hit the town again.

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This Curl Defining Cream
Coco Creme Paraben free Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter
Carol's Daughter

Naturalistas know: keeping your curls moisturized is #1 of the top ten curly hair commandments. This buttery cream keeps dryness at bay, but also adds the most amazing definition to your curls. Whether you're styling your twist-out, braid-out, or bantu knot-out, lather this through each section to enhance your curl pattern.

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This Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go Shampoo

Wash n' gos are arguably the most unpredictable natural style there is. Tons of variables (like, the weather, styling products, your hormones etc) influence the final product, which further confirms our curls truly have a mind of their own. However, you can live your best wash n' go life if you prep with this sulfate-free shampoo: the coconut oil, kokum butter, coconut milk, and plant peptides work together to cleanse your hair of build-up and restore hydration.

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This Lightweight Oil
High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil

When it comes to hair oils, you have to tread a thin line so they don't weigh your curls down. You won't ever to worry about that with this feather-light, silicone-free, silky oil because it does the complete opposite. I've been spritzing it on my naturally wavy extensions, and it controls frizz while adding the most gorgeous, glistening shine that doesn't get dull later into the day.

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This Refreshing Scalp Serum
Ultra Chill Energising and Cooling Serum

Have an itchy scalp that needs immediate relief? Pick up this guy from Taraji P. Henson's haircare line. The three-prong applicator directly puts the calming formula at your roots and lets the formula's aromatherapeutic benefits take over.

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This Boosting Hair Serum
Pure Fro Hold and Shine Serum
Vernon François

This plant-based serum holds a trifecta of nourishing hair oils—sunflower seed, baobab seed, and apricot seed oils. Applying two drops to dry hair will help tame, and still provide an insane amount of moisture to your hair. It's also great to help lay fine hairs around the hairline flat, according to founder Vernon François.

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This Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner
Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner
Alikay Naturals

Get ready to sing the praises of lemongrass oil after using this leave-in. Known as "Liquid Gold," this shine-enhancing formula strengthens hair follicles, promotes healthy growth, reduces shedding, and soothes dry hair and itchy scalps.

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This Miracle-Working Leave-In Spray
Miracle Leave-In Product
It's a 10

There's a reason why you always see this product in a friend's hair care collection. This spray repairs damaged hair, adds shine, controls frizz, protects hair color, detangles, prevents split ends, and more. Yes, MORE. It's the ideal product for those who like a simple routine.

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This Deep Conditioning Treatment
Nourish+ With Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner
$14.99 (17% off)

This trailblazing hair product featuring tea tree and neem oils is one of the first of its kind, and we can't believe we went without it for so long. It helps cleanse and protect your scalp and natural hair while wearing protective styles like braids, hair extensions, wigs, and weaves.

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This Rich Styling Cream
Styling Cream

Tracee Ellis Ross knew what she was doing when she created this moisturizing styling cream for her haircare line, PATTERN. The combination of shea butter, cacay oil, and sweet almond oil makes setting twist-outs, braid-outs, and Bantu knots more effortless than ever.

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This Soothing Shampoo
Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo
adwoa beauty

There's just something about using a shampoo where you recognize all the ingredients, right? This soothing shampoo's secret weapon is aloe leaf juice, which removes dead skin cells on the scalp and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Also, wintergreen, spearmint, and peppermint oils create the most sensational tingling feeling on your scalp.

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This Nourishing Mask
Love Curl Mask

Using a hair mask once or twice a week, especially one as nourishing as this one, can do wonders for your hair in the long run. This clean formula is rich with proteins, B and E vitamins, and other ingredients all curly hair queens can benefit from.

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This Detangling Primer
Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler
$28.50 (25% off)

"Detangling is fun," said no one ever. It's certainly a chore, but your curls will endure way less breakage if you use this priming lotion. You don't have to put your poor tender scalp through hell anymore because its nourishing blend of cupuacu and mango seed butters will stop the snagging. Raking your comb through your hair shaft from root to tip will feel so much easier.

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This Scalp Soother
Royal Oils Scalp Elixir Treatment
Head & Shoulders

Facts: nothing can ruin a good hair day like an itchy-as-hell scalp can. Get to the root of the problem with this peppermint oil and cooling menthol-infused elixir that'll soothe your irritated scalp in seconds. Whether you're dealing with dryness or build-up in-between protective styles, like box braids or twists, or refreshing your curls, it's the self-care moment your scalp is screaming at you for. 

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This Taming Curl Paste
Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

The smell of this stuff is seriously amazing as it's made with certified organic blueberry extract. It also features another superstar ingredient—argan oil—and helps keep those pesky-but-very-beautiful edges of yours in check. Feel free to use it on dry or wet hair. 

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This Multi-Way Use Hair Oil
Hair Oil Everyday Gloss

Most hair oils want you to use them during a specific part of your hair routine, but BREAD's hair oil is different. Designed to fit into any stage of your routine, the non-greasy, gloss-enabling blend is formulated with Kakadu plum oil (the ultimate vitamin for great scalp health) and your hair won't be able to get enough of this stuff after one use.

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This Moisturizing Detangler
Moisture Luxe Detangling Spray
My Black is Beautiful

Detangling will be less of a doozy with this hydrating spray. After you part and section your damp hair, spritz this through and use your fingers to work it into your hair shaft. For good measure, follow up with a wide-tooth comb to rake it through even more. The golden milk, honey, and coconut oil makes for a moisturizing concoction that'll unravel stubborn kinks. 

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This Shea Butter-Infused Oil
Define & Shine Gel Serum for Natural Hair
Suave Professionals

Suave recently launched its very first collection curated for natural hair with the help of 5,000 women, which is major. This defining gel will keep your coils freshly-shined, and feeling extra-soft. If your ringlets tend to unravel and fall throughout the day, this will pro-long the life of your curls.

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This Flake-Free Edge Control
Edge Tamer
Pantene Gold Series

If you're over edge controls flaking up and drying out your hair after approximately 30 minutes, allow me to change your life. This gem, the newest addition to Pantene's Gold Series line for textured hair, uses the hydrating benefits of argan oil to smooth down your hair in seconds.

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This Frizz-Fighting Detangler
Knot on My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy
Aunt Jackie's

The truth: you can never have enough detangling products to cut your mirror time in half. This moisturizing cream — free of mineral oil, sulfates, and petrolatum — creates the softest slip on your hair. Bye, knots, see you never (Okay, maybe not, but you can temporarily get rid of them).

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This Clean Mousse
The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse
$14.99 (25% off)

PSA: The mousse you swore by in middle school is making a major comeback. Except this time, you can enjoy a new-and-improved formula full of fatty acids from avocado and tons of vitamins to nourish, restore your hair's PH levels, and cleanse your scalp.

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This Hydrating Hair Mask
Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque
Mielle Organics

I'd like to shout from the mountaintops that hair masks are just as important as face masks. Your scalp and hair shaft deserves TLC, too, which is why you should let this rosemary mint mask marinate on your hair whenever you need a hydration re-up. I love lathering this on, putting on a shower cap, and taking a hot shower to open up my cuticles and allow the masks' juices to penetrate even deeper into curls.

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This Do-It-All Leave-In Conditioner
25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

The name says it all: this miraculous leave-in treatment works overtime to keep your curls in tip-top shape. The brand has identified 25 benefits that fall into the prep, protect, and moisture category. So, essentially this does it all and there's no reason you shouldn't be using it.

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This Curl Refresher
Bb. Curl Reactivator
Bumble and bumble

Time is a luxury, and going through a 10-step haircare routine every single time your curls need a refresh is impossible. Working women: you need to spritz this through your hair any time your curls need to perk up. Plus, the scent is so soothing it will zen you out.

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This Cleansing Mask
Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque Conditioner
Head & Shoulders

We put our scalps through a lot—especially when the seasons change. Combat dirt, debris, and over-oil production from spring's heat and humidity with this restorative mask. It will cleanse your scalp and make your hair feel so fresh and so clean, clean.

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This Light-As-Air Conditioner
Maui Moisture Lightweight Hydration Hibiscus Water Conditioner, 13 oz

If your curls are on the finer side, you need this lightweight conditioner designed specifically for low-porosity hair that's easily weighed down. The hibiscus water will add hydration and give you the bounciest curls.

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