The 30 Best Natural Hair Products Ever

Cheers to your curls flourishing all year long.

curly hair
(Image credit: Westend61)

Say it with me: Having curly hair is an honor and privilege. Then, repeat it one more time. Solange, who so eloquently reminded us that our curls are our crown with her heartfelt lyrics featured in 2016 single "Don't Touch My Hair", further reaffirmed that we should be proud to treat our hair like royalty. With that being said, natural hair is still a lot of work, and requires top-notch products to keep curls flourishing. No one curl is the same, and it's important to know what works for you and the universal hair rules that apply to every single hair typeIt's also important to have the right product for the job: Whether you're hoping to preserve your edges, enhance your growth, or just brush-out without excessive shedding, we've rounded up go-to products to get the job done. 

Thankfully, there hasn't been a shortage of amazing products that cater to natural hair—and many of them from BIPOC-owned business. There's literally something for everything. Considering that the curly styling options are endless, your product shelf has to be in alignment. And as hard as it is, don't be afraid to try something new! Testing new products will only allow you to get to know your curls better—embrace the experiment, even if the results don't always add up. From sophisticated styling creams to next-level leave-in treatments, find the very best curl products naturalistas should know about, ahead.