The 11 Best Satin and Silk Hair Wraps in 2023

Farewell to unruly hair days.

two women wearing silk hair wraps
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Although hair care for natural hair can be demanding and a little overwhelming—what with all the shampoos and conditioners, strengthening and hydrating hair oils, masks, treatments, and styling creams on the market—the results are endlessly rewarding. There's nothing quite like showing off a head full of moisturized, healthy locks, whether you're going completely natural or rocking a stunning protective style. But one often underappreciated product is the hair wrap, which is often made of satin or silk and can come in the form of a headband, bonnet, turban, and more.

People use silk and satin hair wraps to preserve hairstyles, prevent frizz, and lock in moisture. I personally adore my growing collection of hair wraps, and wearing them has been an absolute game-changer in terms of keeping my curls looking bouncy and defined. Still, understanding the advantages of a hair wrap and shopping for the right one can be daunting, so we asked Whitney Eaddy, expert hairstylist and founder of natural haircare brand Juices & Botanics, to demystify the world of hair wraps for us. Keep scrolling for her expertise on all things hair wraps, along with some of our (and her) absolute favorite options out there. Your best hair days are well within reach.

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Why Use a Hair Wrap?

As I mentioned, hair wraps are often overlooked, seen as either optional or only necessary when preserving a particular hairstyle for the next morning. However, for many people—particularly women with curly hair—silk and/or satin hair wraps are indispensable.

"Traditionally, head wraps have served functional purposes like protecting women's scalps from the sun, sweat, and grime," says Eaddy. The benefits of hair wraps, however, extend far beyond that. To be specific, Eaddy names five key benefits of wearing silk or satin head wraps.

First and foremost, head wraps provide protection to hair follicles. "Head wraps protect your fragile strands, reduce moisture loss, help avoid tangles and hair breakage," says Eaddy, "especially if worn at night while you sleep." For me, this is the biggest benefit: I notice a huge improvement in my curl definition and hair health when I've worn my bonnet the night before.

Secondly, Eaddy says, wraps "preserve the natural hair oils that are produced in your hair, which will benefit your hair, scalp, and skin."

And if you're trying to grow Rapunzel-length locks, hair wraps can help with that, too. "Head wraps ensure that your stands are protected from root to tip allowing for optimal protection, moisture, and length retention," says Eaddy, meaning that donning a protective hair wrap can help you achieve your hair goals sooner rather than later.

By promoting hair health in these ways, hair wraps provide quick, visible results, beautifying your locks from the inside-out. The most obvious of these results, Eaddy notes, is the way that hair wraps fight frizz by "keeping curls in place during the night while you sleep. But wearing a hair wrap—especially overnight—can also "help preserve your style at any time of the day or night." This makes a wrap the perfect accessory for those who love a low-maintenance hair routine because, in the words of Eaddy, "After sleeping in a head wrap overnight, you will have a minimal amount of work to do to refresh your style, so it saves you a lot of time getting ready in the morning."

Finally, hair wraps are more than just functional: With all the colors, styles, and designs they can come in, they're also fashion statements. "In modern times, head wraps have become a central accessory for many," agrees Eaddy. "The head wrap, just like with textured hair, is about embracing your hair and style simultaneously."

What To Look For in a Hair Wrap

First of all, there's a reason why most hair wraps are made from silk and satin. Eaddy says that when looking for something to swathe your hair in, it's best to "look for a soft material that will not irritate or scratch against the skin," and calls silk and satin "the beauty industry standard for protecting natural hair." Of course, these fabrics can be costly, but investing in a high-quality hair wrap will ultimately protect your hair health and preserve your curls, thus ultimately saving you money on products for hydration and damage repair.

When it comes to choosing between a turban, bonnet, or other style of hair wrap, though, Eaddy says that the decision is determined entirely by your "function and style goals." She explains, "Bonnets are great to protect and preserve styles, as are turbans." 

Silk vs. Satin Hair Wraps

At first glance—especially to the beginner buyer—satin and silk may seem essentially the same. However, there is, indeed, a difference between the two, which Eaddy breaks down.

  • "Satin is the way a fabric is woven, which means that satin fabric can be made of many fabrics, such as cotton or polyester," Eaddy explains. "Satin is made from synthetic fibers. While it may be smooth and shiny, it doesn’t necessarily have the same superpower as 100 percent silk."
  • "Silk is the fabric itself. Silk is a 100 percent natural protein that is gained from the cocoons of silkworms," she goes on. "The fabric helps protect against split ends, does not absorb all the moisture found in your hair and scalp, helps maintain thermal regulation, and extends time in between your washdays."

The Best Silk and Satin Hair Wraps

The Best Silk Hair Wraps

"Silk is a higher quality fabric and is the best option when it comes to hair care," says Eaddy. And not only does this fabric go a long way in terms of pretending your strands from the damage that causes split-ends and frizz, but it's also gorgeous and luxurious to the touch. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite silk hair wraps, many of which are stylist-or expert-approved.

The Best Satin Hair Wraps

While silk hair wraps are the premium option in the world of natural haircare, satin wraps are great when you're in a pinch or on a budget. Below, some of our favorite satin hair wraps that will keep your locks looking bouncy without breaking the bank.