26 Auburn Hair Colors That Aren't Your Average Red

Head-turning crimson hues, right this way.

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From russet and copper to rust and cinnamon, these celebs are taking red to the next level.

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Kirsten Dunst

This subtle shade of cinnamon red is great for brunettes looking for a color change.

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Nicole Kidman

Kidman's hair evolution between different tones of red will always keep us watching, and this reddish color with light brown undertones is one for the books. 

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Florence Welch

Always a sight to behold, Florence Welch's pre-Raphaelite mermaid hair is iconic in its own right. 

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Tilda Swinton

Proof of how edgy auburn hair can look on shorter, pixie-ish lengths. 

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Jenna Malone

More red than brown, Malone goes the flame-haired route with a style that looks super pretty when it starts lightening at the ends. 

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Bryce Dallas Howard

A vampier, cooler shade of auburn like this is the perfect hue for winter and goes especially well with deep jewel tones. 

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Meghan Trainor

To keep it interesting, add some lighter highlights starting at the cheekbones for a gorgeous, multi-tonal style. 

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Julia Roberts

We love us some vintage Julia Roberts, seen here with gorgeous reddish locks amd hints of cool purples in the mix. 

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Ashlee Simpson

Speaking of throwbacks, here's Ashlee Simpson ditching the family blonde for a bold auburn color.

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Isla Fisher

Fisher's shiny, deep color has us feeling some type of way.

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Kate Mara

Mara's hue is predominantly brunette with *just* enough red to keep you guessing.

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Julianne Moore

Hollywood's favorite redhead arrived at the SAG Awards one year with this radiant hue.

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Kristen Stewart

Attention, salon risk takers! Kristen's russet color is perfect for those looking to make a statement.

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Debra Messing

Debra Messing, AKA the OG of redheads, rocks a rusty hue.

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Drew Barrymore

A dimensional, chocolatey reddish brown beautifully complements pale skin tones.

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Emma Stone

Emma's shade of coppery brown is the perfect starting off point for those looking to gradually go red.

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Amy Adams

We love the delicate light brown accent in Amy's red 'do.

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Lana Del Rey

Lana's moody hair proves that auburn can be super edgy. (The gothic cape doesn't hurt either.)

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Khloé Kardashian

Khloé ditches the classic brunette color of the Kardashian clan for a striking shade of caramel red.

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Lily Collins

Lily shows us how to add some ombre highlights to dark brown hair for the summer.

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Christina Hendricks

This bottle redhead's signature color is a rich blend of deep red and brown.

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Rose Leslie

Rose rocks a fierce shade of red worthy of her GoT warrior wilding Ygritte.

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Jessica Chastain

Jessica goes a deeper shade of red by kicking her color up a notch or two and adding some hints of chocolate-brown.

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Karen Elson

Karen's pre-Raphaelite reddish hair is the perfect color of cinnamon to style with a deep red lip.

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Lindsay Lohan

Though she now has a caramel-colored dye job, we'll always love OG Lindsay with a vibrant red head of hair.

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Emma Stone

Emma keeps it simple on the red carpet with a flyaway-free ponytail, but lets her gorgeous auburn color do all the talking.

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