5 Easy Ways to Get Bigger Eyes

Whether you wake up beady-eyed or simply want to make your peepers seem more Bambi-like, check out these 5 easy steps for bigger eyes.

Exhausting weekends can show up on your face first thing Monday mornings. Start the week off with a skip by trying out this super easy beauty trick that focus on the least forgiving facial feature—they eyes. You can find all the products at your local drugstore, and you don't need to be a professional makeup artist to achieve this look.

pale eyeliner

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1. Try Pale Eyeliner, $10; lorealparisusa.com: Lining your lower lash line (as close to your eye as possible), opens up your peepers by providing a light-reflecting effect. This metallic silver option is a little shimmery, so your eyes will look even bigger!

2. Curl Your Lashes, $23; lancome-usa.com: It may seem obvious, but curling your lashes before adding mascara dramatically opens up your eyes, even if you feel exhausted!

3. Add Some Definition to Your Lashes, $7.99; maybelline.com: Adding a little definition to the outer half of your top lash line is a great way to give your eyes some extra definition. Smudge the liner a little with your fingers for a smokier effect, which will extend the shape of your eye even more.

4. Use a Mascara with Oomph, $7.77; maybelline.com: We all know mascara helps to make your eyes appear bigger, but choosing a formula and wand type with a specific purpose is also important. Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eyes has a wand with a slight curve, so you can get closer to the roots of your lashes to give them an extra boost.

5. Experiment with Illimuniator--Trust Us!, $12.95; lorealparisusa.com: Whether you call it an illuminator or highlighter, add this to your makeup bag, stat! By adding a few finger taps of this product in a U shape around the outer corner of your eyes you will attract and reflect light, widening your face and creating bigger, more beautiful eyes!