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If I could recommend only one beauty product this summer (besides sunscreen, of course!), it would be bronzing drops. My confidence skyrockets when I have some sun-kissed color. For the past few summers, I've been committed to a famous $38 product, but with all the affordable, high-performing beauty launches this season, I started to question if I could find a similar (or better) product for less—because let's face it: I already spend way too much money on makeup.

The answer came to me when I was scrolling social media and saw beauty star Jenesis Alonso's glow. She's pretty much mastered summer skin, and she uses Revolution Beauty's Bronzing Drops to do that. After comparing this product to my expensive alternative, I can say I've found the perfect dupe for only $12. Only a few drops of this bronzer make me look like I've just come home from a weeks-long Mediterranean vacation. And while many affordable beauty products sacrifice quality, this one has the same hydrating ingredients as its more expensive counterparts (e.g. squalane and hyaluronic acid, two of my faves), so I know it's good for my skin. Here's how I've been using it in my summer beauty routine: First, I mix the bronzing drops with sunscreen and apply that all over my face for a bronze sheen. I put concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes, dot some liquid blush and highlighter on my cheekbones, and finish the look by filling in my brows, swiping some mascara onto my lashes, and glazing my lips with clear gloss.

There you have it: the perfect bronzy, glowy makeup for summer. Below, I've shared every product I'm using to create this look, plus more best sellers.

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