Makeup How-To: The Application Alphabet

Now you know your ABCs.

Here, we teach you the building blocks of makeup application, from C to V. Take a seat: Class is in session.

C is for Blush

Using a small, rounded, soft, blush brush (too dense of a brush will not come out as well blended), lightly apply color from above the temple down to the apple of the cheek creating a C shape. This type of application gives a little more drama and edge to your look.

C is for Concealer

On the inner corner and outer corner of the eye (one will be a backwards C), swipe concealer in a C shape to target darkness in one swoop! Then, blend into the area with your ring finger by lightly tapping the product into the skin.

E is for Bronzer

Using a big, fluffy bronzer brush, apply the product in the shape of an E. Start above the brow on your forehead, go down over the temple and on the cheekbone, go back over the cheekbone and then down the jawline to the chin. Add a little to the nose as well for an overall warmer look.

J is for Blush

Apply your blush with one swoop of a sideways J shape, from the apples of your cheeks back and up toward your temples and into your hairline.

M is for Lip and Lip Liner Application

For the perfect liner application, start by muting out your natural lip color with your regular foundation and a sponge. This will allow you to make the shape more symmetrical. Draw an M shape at the cupids bow (the top, middle of your lip). Make sure your M is symmetrical and then continue to draw along the top lip all the way to the corners. Next, draw your lip line across the bottom. Fill in your lips with the same lip pencil for a more blended look and for extra staying power. Finally, apply lipstick on both the top and bottom lips and blend with a brush around the edges for extra precision! Pro tip: Don't forget to wipe your brush clean before putting away.

T is for Setting Powder

Setting powder and touch up powder can be applied to the T zone, which is across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin. This is where most women get oily or shiny. Swipe from one side to the other, across your forehead and then down the center of the face.

U is for Powder

Powder can also be applied to the under eye for setting your concealer. Just use a small blending brush and apply in a U shape from inner corner to outer corner making sure to dip down into a U shape so you cover all the concealer you applied.

V is for Concealer

Apply concealer in a V shape under the eye to cover the darkest areas. Then blend upwards into the under eye area by lightly tapping with your ring finger. Pro tip: You can do this in addition to your C-shape concealer application to make sure the area is fully covered.

Photos by Stephania Stanley

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