This 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Is Making Terrarium Eyes a Thing

A living garden—on your face.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

Just as competition is good for the consumer, the beauty pros of the internet trying to outdo one another is good for the rest of us. Innovation! Creativity with brows (opens in new tab)! An all-you-can-beat-face buffet of mythical creatures (opens in new tab)! But perhaps the greatest part of it all is the democracy, as in one standout idea can bring a young, self-taught makeup artist recognition (or at least the Discover page, AKA the front page of Instagram).

Condensing the "daffodils blown across your face" trend (opens in new tab) to the eye area, London-based 19-year-old Ellie Costello has been perfecting what we're calling the terrarium eye, a tangle of blooms and 3-D appliqués on the lid that recalls the materials from the DIY kit you once let rot in its own glass-globe mausoleum (RIP).

More English garden than French in its let-it-grow haphazardness, her variations run the gamut from a woodland theme to an armful of fluffy baby's breath to freshly plucked petals attached to the lashes.

But wait! There's more—a full-face, Viktor & Rolf-goes-to-the-circus worth's more.

Though Costello has helpfully listed the products used for each look, she's also teased a live tutorial soon, so keep your now weirdly naked-feeling eyes peeled.

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