Yes, You Should Wear Foundation This Summer

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Editors Test SHEGLAM Skin Magnet Foundation
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There's a heat wave passing through NYC, and my summer makeup routine is suffering. Creased concealer, melting foundation, and beads of sweat have replaced my somewhat flawless base, and I'm not happy about it. Some people think foundation is a no-go in the summer, but I beg to differ. If the foundation is lightweight, long-lasting, and leaves a dewy finish, you can wear it in all climates.

SHEGLAM's new Skin Magnet High Coverage Foundation Stick is one of those foundations. It's as if the brand had summer in mind when making this formula—it attaches to your skin like a magnet and smoothes out any fine lines and pores, so you don't have to worry about it melting off as the day goes on, but its lightweight ingredients make it breathable and buildable, so it won't make your skin look cakey. It's only $11, and it's portable, which is key for anyone who has a lot of plans but not a lot of time to go home and redo their makeup in between them. I've already decided to commit to it (my summer selfies are about to fool everyone into thinking I'm using a filter), but I had my fellow Marie Claire editors put it to the test so you can see it for yourself. Their reviews and before-and-after photos are waiting for you below.

Editors Test SHEGLAM Skin Magnet Foundation

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Ashlyn's typical makeup routine: "Light, tight, and right. 'Light' refers to a base that provides a natural, skin-like finish, 'tight' means a base that doesn't weigh down my look but rather complements my skin (the tighter the base, the more youthful I look), and 'right' refers to light makeup that enhances my natural beauty."

What Ashlyn looks for in a foundation: "My foundation has to be a cream, have light to medium coverage, and be packed with skin-benefiting properties. I want the coverage to be there but not so perfect that you can tell it's not my skin. I love that this SHEGLAM stick is vegan, so I know the ingredients aren't too harsh for my skin. Also, you see this glow—do I have to say anything more?"

Why the Skin Magnet Foundation is a game changer: "I was nervous at first to try the Skin Magnet Foundation because it's a full-coverage foundation, but I think the beauty of its formula is its buildability. I started light—covering what I needed—and within a few swipes, I had a flawless, skin-like finish without overapplying the product. I'm usually a 'concealer all over the face' type, but this makes me want to use foundation in my day-to-day routine. SHEGLAM, you win."

Editors Test SHEGLAM Skin Magnet Foundation

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Samantha's typical makeup routine: "I typically opt for lightweight makeup—but a weightless finish is particularly nonnegotiable in the summer. Still, the New York City heat leaves me sweating within 10 minutes of leaving the house and effectively melts off pretty much every light-coverage option. I just swipe on some mascara, a little clear brow gel, and lip balm before heading out the door."

What Samantha looks for in a foundation: "When choosing a foundation, I always seek out something with great ingredients. I spend so much time and money on skincare that I try to avoid toxic products that can lead to breakouts and congestion. I've succeeded with formulas that avoid alcohol, mineral oils, and preservatives. That's exactly what SHEGLAM offers. The soft and breathable formula steers clear of hormones, mineral oil, and preservatives, so I can feel good about putting the product on my skin."

Why the Skin Magnet Foundation is a game changer: "Skin Magnet Foundation is one of the longest-lasting foundations I've ever tried. My typical makeup routine fades by the time 3 p.m. rolls around. This high-coverage, soft-focus formula is different; it looks just as good in the morning as it does when I return from work. I particularly like to use it underneath my eyes—it covers dark circles like nothing else. It feels airy on my skin but offers full coverage that stays gripped to my complexion despite the humidity."

Editors Test SHEGLAM Skin Magnet Foundation

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Gabrielle's typical makeup routine: "For me, makeup is a fun, low-stakes method of self-expression, so I like to wear a full face each day, complete with lipstick, blush, bronzer, eye makeup, and of course, foundation. However, with summer temperatures climbing, I'm paring back my routine, opting instead for pops of color on my eyes and lips along with a thin layer of foundation to keep my makeup from feeling too thick."

What Gabrielle looks for in a foundation: "No matter the time of year, I hate a cakey foundation, so first and foremost, I look for buildability in my products. SHEGLAM's Skin Magnet Foundation is full coverage but still feels lightweight. I also like that it doesn't dry immediately, giving me plenty of time to spread it across my skin."

Why the Skin Magnet Foundation is a game changer: "The Skin Magnet Foundation's stick formula makes for a no-mess makeup routine. Gone are the days of wiping gooey foundation off my fingers or accidentally dripping some onto my bathroom counter. Everyone should be able to find a makeup routine that makes them feel confident, but as with most things, cost is too often a barrier for would-be makeup enthusiasts. SHEGLAM's products make beauty and experimentation accessible to everyone regardless of budget."


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