Meet Your Next K-Beauty Obsession: Cushion Eyeliner

Your cat eyes will never be the same.

By now, you're familiar with the Korean phenomenon of the cushion compact, where you press your finger down on a built-in sponge-like puff that dispenses just the right amount of lightweight foundation. Makes perfect sense in a why-has-no-one-ever-thought-of-that-before way, no?

Yeah well *this* is more of a surprise: cushion eyeliners, the latest Korean beauty innovation everyone's obsessing over. They come in netted pots with a similar sponge-cushion situation, and a single bounce of a tapered brush provides a precise amount of a specially-formulated elixir. 

The fluid is super concentrated, but it glides on much smoother than a felt-tip pen. What's more is that rich liquidy pigment delivers an ultra-matte finish that holds up like a gel, while also allowing for razor-sharp precision. So yes, you'll have to master your brush strokes, but it will give you absolute freedom for experimenting with your feline flick.

As far as are our go-to pots, we love K-Beauty staple Banila Co Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner, which comes in fall-friendly hues like black, brown, khaki, or burgundy. But since summer, Stila's new Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner has been in constant rotation. Available at your local Sephora, it comes in six matte and metallic shades—the latter of which we're getting locked and loaded for our Halloween statement eyes.

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1. Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner, $28;

2. Banila Co Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner, $17.99;

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