The 18 Best Mascaras, According to Marie Claire Editors

"It feels like I've been searching for the perfect mascara since birth, but I think I've finally landed on a keeper..."

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Mascara was one of the first makeup products I was ever allowed to wear. I would marvel at my mom and grandmother getting ready, inching my hands towards the frosty eyeshadows that were the unsung heroes of the early 2000s (shout-out to that comeback in 2022). Ever since, I’ve been on the hunt for the best mascaras out there, bar none. And because I happen to work alongside my very own team of makeup experts, I asked the rest of the Marie Claire team for their opinion on what the best mascaras in 2022 are—and their picks did not disappoint. 

No matter what formula you prefer—the volumizing mascara that will give you the false-lash effect in a few swipes, a lengthening mascara for sky-high lashes, a long-lasting waterproof mascara that won’t smudge after hours of wear, or one with a natural formula that leaves you with just a hint of definition—this list probably features your new favorite pick. Say goodbye to hours spent browsing the shelves at Sephora or trying to figure out which drugstore mascara is actually the top-seller on Amazon—team Marie Claire has got you covered right here. 

Keep reading to shop our favorites from just about every brand on the price spectrum and to hear a little bit about why we love them. Trust us—we’ve tried and tested just about every formula on the market.

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

Julia Marzovilla is an E-Commerce Writer at Marie Claire covering all things fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Offline, she’s most likely browsing the web for another pair of black boots or listening to music too loudly—often at the same time.