18 Waterproof Eyeliners That Stand Up to Anything

Sweat-proof, smudge-proof, life-proof.

waterproof eyeliner
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Before you yell at me for working out with makeup on, I know, I know, I shouldn’t do it. But I’m busy, okay, and usually am running—damn near breathless—to my evening sessions with seconds to spare before the doors close on me, because I’m a working woman. And my work, blessedly, is all about beauty. My desk might as well be a mini beauty closet. It’s overflowing with beauty products I’ve filed under “need to try ASAP” and “need you next to me at all times"—and the latter category always includes a trusty waterproof eyeliner.

There’s always something going on with our eyes, and if you’re prone to watery eyes, have hooded lids, or touch your face too much (stop that), then a waterproof eyeliner is key for a long-lasting wing. Felt tip markers and paintbrush liners are usually a go-to for a sharp cat eye, but the liquid formula can bleed if the right one isn’t used. And don’t even get us started on the disaster that is using a kohl pencil on the waterline, only to end up with accidental raccoon eyes.  

Your collection is probably collecting, but you can never have too many always-there, never-smear eyeliners. So I've included a list of beauty editor-approved waterproof eyeliners at various textures and price points that will outlast anything. And no, not the waterproof formulas that suck the moisture from your lids and then require a sander to buff off, but silky, easy-to-wear formulas that feel like normal eyeliner, except, well, better.