Hand-Pressed Hair Color Will Give You the 3-D Dye Job of Your Dreams

Is this the beginning of the end for foils?

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(Image credit: Design by Katja Cho)

If fluid hair painting piqued your interest, chances are you'll be just as intrigued by hand-pressed color AKA screen printing for hair.

Quite literally dreamt up by Redken colorist Chiala Marvici back in September—her trippy, slumber-induced vision consisted of layers of color living together on the same surface with a multi-tonal effect—the application continues to mesmerize us on Instagram. 

Reimagining not just how color is applied, but how it's mixed, Marvici uses a sheet of plexiglass as a canvas for swirling geometric hair designs, then transfers them to the strands by pressing in the color with a putty knife as opposed to just painting it on. This method not only leaves strands more saturated with color, but adds dimension and has a quicker process time as less blending is required. 

From holographic platinum to subtle sunset stripes, there's no limit to what hand-pressed color can bring to the table. And while the technique is still in its early stages and has yet to be widely-embraced, we've got to wonder—are traditional foils on the brink of extinction?  More and more they're seeming like the dial-up internet, to the newer, more painterly techniques' wifi.

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