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The 28 Best Sea Salt Sprays for the Hair of Your Dreams

Perfect vacation hair with these fake-it-'til-you-make-it products.

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Sun-kissed skin coupled with carefree, tousled hair—like you've been laying out on the beach all day, basically—sounds dreamy. But if it's not your reality, you can fake it 'til you make it. Those perfectly tousled, piece-y, just-napped-on-a-beach waves? Yeah, those don't just happen. Blake Lively didn't just come out of the womb with gorgeously textured hair, and Chrissy Teigen doesn't emerge from bed each morning with gently mussed waves. No, the secret to getting the ultimate "what, this ol' thing?" beachy waves is to use the actual beach on your hair—via sea salt sprays.

What do sea salt sprays do to your hair?

Salt sprays are exactly what they sound like: Sprays that are formulated with your classic sodium chloride (i.e. salt). Some contain a more traditional molecular structure, while others tap sea salt, which also contains minerals that can add grit and nourish your hair. When the formula is done well—i.e. it also contains a mix of softening, volumizing, and shine-enhancing ingredients—you'll be blessed with red carpet–level beachy waves. When it's done poorly, however—i.e. it's mainly just salt and alcohol—you'll be left with a sticky, straw-like mess. Thankfully, we rounded up only the best of the best for you, ahead. Spritz them over damp or dry hair (or both!) for a perfectly wavy finish, even if your beach vacation isn't in the foreseeable future. But hey, it's summer. It's time to start planning.

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The Cult-Favorite Formula
Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
Not Your Mother's ulta.com

For less than $10, treat your hair to the vacation-ready texture it deserves. This lightweight spray defines waves, adds lots of body, and serves as the perfect heat styling protectant. 

This Soft Formula
Sail - Soft Wave Spray
R+Co dermstore.com
$23.20 (20% off)

"So many salt sprays make hair look dry and damaged when people use them on themselves," says Los Angeles based hairstylist Clayton Hawkins. Not so with this lightweight formulation, which transforms lank strands into textured perfection.

This Frizz-Smoothing Formula
Moroccan Sea Salt Spray
OGX ulta.com

If you're still not totally sold on the idea of salt sprays ("I don't want tangles!" or "I have curly hair!"), try a formula that's less salt, more moisture, like this spray from OGX. It's filled with argan oil and kelp extracts, which leave hair shiny and soft—yet still definitively beachy—for a laid-back, trying-but-not-trying vibe. 

This Hydrating Formula
Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Mist
Herbivore Botanicals amazon.com

This coconut-infused spray contains the same degree of salinity as the Pacific Ocean, so it's the closest you'll get to an actual beach day while sitting on your couch. Extra salt would usually mean extra stickiness, but this formula uses a dose of aloe water to keep your hair moisturized all day. 

This Matte Finish
This Is A Sea Salt Spray
Davines amazon.com

Chicago-based hairstylist Ryan Babbitt relies on this salt spray to give his clients the windblown curls they crave. Points awarded for the effortless matte finish that adds hold and body.

This Crunch-Free Spray
Sea Salt Air Dry Spray
Kristin Ess amazon.com
$10.00 (37% off)

This affordable formula creates major bounce and definition without a hint of crunchiness. 

This Quick Lift
Rockaway Salt Spray
courtesy of Dermstore
R+Co dermstore.com

This formula, named for one of New York's iconic beaches, helps swell the hair shaft for instant volume along with some much needed texture.

This Mirror-Free Fixer
Texturizing Sea Spray
courtesy of ulta
Sun Bum ulta.com

It doesn't get much more user-friendly than a spray nozzle, and this one dispenses a matte-finish formula  with Hawaiian black lava sea salt, and seaweed to define each and every strand. 

This Fine Hair Hero
Seashore Spritzer Wave Spray
courtesy of brand
Drybar sephora.com

Maybe you don't have curly coils and just want to give your slight, natural bends a little more life. This spray is actually salt-free but works to create the exact same effortless look.

This Fade-Protecting Formula
Surf Spray
Bumble and bumble sephora.com

The goal of any good salt spray is to help you get Baywatch-worthy, just-romped-in-the-surf beachy waves, and this cult favorite helps get you there 100 percent of the time. Its saltwater base is infused with shine-enhancing fruit oils and hydrating coconut water to keep hair from feeling stiff, along with a mix of UVA- and UVB-protecting agents that'll keep your hair color (whether it's natural or bottled) from fading in the sun.

This Travel Buddy
EVO Salty Dog Salt Spray
courtesy of brand
EVO amazon.com

Throw this in your carry-on to spritz on post-pool or ocean, or blow dry your strands and scrunch a little in to pretend you made it to the beach. 

This Wave-Enhancing Formula
Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray
John Frieda amazon.com

Don't be fooled by the name—this iconic spray works just as well for any hair color, from brunettes to redheads to raven-haired beauties. The title is a throwback to its '90s counterpart, the O.G. formula that became a decade-long sensation as a result of its ability to create shiny, smooth, piece-y waves in even the straightest of hair. Thankfully, the formula is back and, dare I say, better than before, so you'll be able to get dream-level waves without a time machine.

This Extra Salty Version
Salty Not Sorry Epic Texturizing Salt Spray
Bed Head ulta.com

If you're looking for a little bit of hold, a little gritty grip, and a lot of tousled matte texture (but no heavy residue), this brand new offering from Bed Head might be the answer to your hair prayers. Extra credit since sodium chloride is the second ingredient listed...

This Volumizing Formula
Beach Club Texture Spray
IGK sephora.com

This lightweight texturizing spray mimics the effect of salt-soaked waves, leaving your hair looking full, textured, and piece-y. But unlike most sea-salt sprays that give you a shiny, crunchy feel, this salt-free formula (gasp! Yup! It uses wheat proteins, instead) dries down to a semi-matte and flexible finish.

This Thickening Formula
Wave Spray
OUAI nordstrom.com

You'll be able to fake full, voluminous extensions in a flash with this thickening sea salt spray. Transform life-less morning hair to I-woke-up-like-this waves with a few spritz of this rice protein-packed formula all over your hair from root to tip.

This Simple Formula
Salt of the Bay Sea Salt Spray
Peoples Barber peoplesparber.com

Don't let the six very simple ingredients fool you. Packed into this non-aerosol, low plastic bottle is an elegant salt spray formulation, light enough for fine strands but sturdy enough for wavy patterns, too. 

This UV-Protecting Formula
Surf Bomb Sea Spray
O&M originalmineral.com.au

Just like our skin, the sun can be harsh on our hair. Thanks to O&M's Surf Bomb Sea Spray,  you don't have to compromise your hair's health for a cool-girl style. This offers a long-lasting wavy hold while shielding your hair from sun damage. 

This Dry Shampoo-eque Formula
Body Shake Texturizing Finisher
Joico amazon.com

Joico's Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher works best on medium to thick textures. Pick this up when your hair needs a quick refresh, since it works best on completely dry hair. Trick: Flip your hair upside down and liberally apply the spray all over. Then, voilà! Voluminous beachy waves will appear.

This Leave-In Formula
Ocean Mist
Sachajuan dermstore.com

Amp up your hair's texture while softening and strengthening your strands and hair follicles with vitamin B12 and castor oil. This ocean mist acts as a leave-in conditioner and works magic on freshly washed hair. 

This Moisturizing Formula
Seashore Spritzer Wave Spray
Drybar sephora.com

For dehydrated curls, reach for this ultra-moisturizing formula. Carefree curls are coming right up, with this spritzer, which also works overtime on the hydration front with ingredients like avocado oil and aloe. 

This Shine-Boosting Formula
Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray
ORIBE amazon.com

Sultry, shiny waves are at your disposal with this moisturizing salt spray. While you're island-hopping this summer, this blend of botanical extracts and oils will keep your texture tousled and nourished without the stiffness most salt sprays come with.

This Humidity-Resistant Formula
Texturizing Salt Spray
Balmain Paris net-a-porter.com

This humidity-resistant formula will let your waves live their best freakin' life for hours on end, as it's made to give your hair a long-lasting hold. That means it's one less thing to carry around in your beach bag because you won't need to reapply it throughout the day.

This All-Natural Formula
Enchanted Island Salt Spray
Rahua dermstore.com

Combining natural elements, like organic pink sea salt for texture and volume, this salt spray delivers sun-kissed waves with a brushable hold. Plus, its intoxicating scent of of guayaba, hibiscus, and passion fruit will transport you to the tropics.

This Curl-Enhancing Formula
Natural Endless Summer Spray
Playa amazon.com

The name says it all: endless summer spray. This alcohol-free formula uses chia seeds extracts to cloak your hair in a veil of shine that will enhance your curl patten and amp up your volume.

This Mineral-Rich Formula
I Create Waves Pink Himalayan Salt Spray
Innersense amazon.com

Lived-in looking waves are tricky to get. I still can't wrap my mind around the illusion of "effortless" hairstyles, which still require work to pull off. This, on the other hand, makes life easy because it has a special mineral and amethyst crystal-rich formula for bombshell waves that will make you feel like a goddamn goddess.

This No-Heat Styling Formula
Professional Styling Sea Chic Foam
Alterna Haircare alternahaircare.com

Get excited: you can finally leave your flat-iron at home, and create piece-y waves without styling tools thanks to this texturizing foam. Shake this bottle up, then mist it throughout your hair to watch its mineral-rich, dead sea salt-infused formula work its magic.

This Texturizing Formula
Sea Texture Spray
Verb verbproducts.com

Technically all sea salt sprays add some grit to your hair, because salt is a natural texturizer, but not all sea salt sprays give your hair an amped-up, wind-blown finish in the process. Luckily, this dry spray does. It's essentially a mix between a salt mist and a dry shampoo, so it manages to give your hair a touchable, non-matted texture (and won't weigh down fine hair).

This Gold-Flecked Formula
Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray
Captain Blankenship ulta.com

Yes, the idea of spritzing a shimmer-flecked spray over your hair probably conjures flashbacks to your middle-school days, but trust me: This gilded formula is anything but gaudy. Infused with subtle, finely milled flecks of shimmer, the light-hold formula gives hair a softly tousled finish that looks ethereal when the light hits it—as if you got really, really excellent highlights yesterday.

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