How to Leave Your Job on a Good Note

Dear Cubicle Coach:

I've been with my current company for seven years but am now moving on. How do I leave on a good note for everyone?

Dear Leaving Your Job

Things in life rarely end as we want them to, and leaving a job is no different. If it goes smoothly and without rancor, consider yourself the exception. There's no mandate about how much notice you should give—two weeks is merely customary, no more set in stone than the third-date rule when it comes to sexual congress. Assuming that you respect your employer and care on what terms you leave, you should offer to finish any projects you reasonably can and get past any looming deadlines, whether that takes 10 days or three weeks. More than that is pushing it, as you're walking dead to them soon enough. Conversely, if you're headed to a major competitor, they may ask you to leave as soon as possible, even that day. CC has never witnessed seized Rolodexes or armed guards escorting anyone from the building, but it happens.

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