Can I Bluff My Way to Bigger Bucks?

Can I Bluff My Way to Bigger Bucks?

Dear CC: I need a raise but I'm not due until next year. Can

I say I've been offered another job?

You need a raise? Too bad. Who cares! We don't. No one is

ever going to give you a raise because you "need" one. Cut back from

300 cable channels to 50, or buy the mac and cheese in a box instead of the

gourmet frozen. As for saying you have another job offer -- you can get away

with it exactly once at each company you work for, so make sure you use that

bullet at the right time. HR departments usually don't check up on such things,

but don't be surprised if your boss simply calls your bluff, saying, "Best

of luck in the new job." Then you're really going to be needing that mac

and cheese, aren't you?