Tick Tock... Office Hours Anonymous

Clock Watchers Anonymous

Dear CC: A woman in the same position as me comes in early

and stays late - but it's because she's slow. I can do the same work in half

the time. Is it better to be efficient and work normal hours or stay longer for

face time.

It's better to be efficient and stay longer. Factory workers have predictable hours. CC would not say factories

are part of America's

growth strategy, would you? Maybe coming in early gives you time with the boss

to pitch your ideas (and self) before the bustle begins. Maybe staying later

gives you social time with your peers, which can lead to better ideas than any

of you would come up with alone. Sometimes 9 to 5 will cut it, but a life of it

leads to 2 percent annual raises and being regarded as a drone. Drones are

easily replaced.

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