3 Smart Strategies for Frequent Fliers

Fly Right

With the economy in the toilet, odds are your company isn't about to splurge on first-class seats and penthouse suites--you're flying coach like the rest of us, kid. Nancy Keates, author of The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Business of Life, shares the inside scoop on scoring CEO-style perks.

1. Nab the best seat on the plane. Seatguru.com rates every single seat on every type of plane for 50 of the most popular airlines. For instance, you can find out which seats have the "least recline," and which ones are near the bathroom or above the engine. Now, if only they could show you where the screaming infant will sit . . .

2. Reserve your parking space. Tired of parking miles away from the airport? The Park 'N Fly Network (

pnfnetwork.com) lets you reserve a rock-star parking spot at discounted rates at 68 major U.S. airports--so you don't have to park that Prius out in the boonies.

3. Zoom through airport security. For about $130, enroll in the Registered Traveler Program (tsa.gov), now in 19 U.S. airports and growing, and head straight to an express security line. For life in the fast lane, you'll need to pass a "security threat assessment," but hey, the one-time process beats standing in line in your bare feet, chipped pedicure and all.