Anna Faris Says She Was Sexually Harassed by a Director

“It made me feel small.”

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Anna Faris has spoken out about her experience of sexual harassment.

On this week’s episode of her Unqualified podcast, Faris states that a director touched her without consent on a movie set. "I was doing a scene where I was on a ladder and I was supposed to be taking books off a shelf and he slapped my ass in front of the crew so hard,” she said. “And all I could do was giggle." Faris suggested that women are “conditioned to giggle” in such situations, to avoid being labelled “a bitch or difficult."

Faris added that despite putting on a brave face, she felt deeply uncomfortable about the encounter. “I remember looking around and I remember seeing the crew members being like, ‘Wait, what are you going to do about that? That seemed weird.' And that’s how I dismissed it. I was like, ‘Well, this isn’t a thing. Like, it’s not that big of a deal. Buck up, Faris. Like, just giggle.' But it made me feel small. He wouldn’t have done that to the lead male."

Emma Dibdin

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