The (Truly) Unfiltered Chrissy Teigen

She's built a following, reputation, and career on being real and relatable. But even in an era of TMI, she's still discovering herself.

chrissy teigen 2017 july cover


It was Chrissy Teigen's idea to meet at a Los Angles DIY cake-decorating studio, so she could practice making a confection for her daughter Luna's first birthday two weeks away in mid-April. It is easily the least glamorous spot on Melrose Avenue—half elementary school cafeteria and half art-class studio, with loud children covered in sticky frosting—and Teigen arrives in Le Silla thigh-high suede bootsRe/Done denim cutoffs, and a white, off-the-shoulder Esteban Cortazar blouse that trails an extra yard of fabric behind her. It looks like she has just come from a photo shoot, but, "No, it's all for you, baby," she says. "If it weren't for this interview, I'd be home, naked, watching TV."

chrissy teigen cover 2017 july


This is the Teigen that America loves: the unfiltered 31-year-old model, entertainer, cookbook author, and wife of Grammy-winning musician John Legend who ugly-cries on live television, eats fried chicken and Fun Dip on Snapchatshows off her stretch marks on Instagram, and cops to armpit liposuction at press events.

She also tweets exactly what she's thinking to her 5 million-plus followers, which often means sharing the parts of herself most celebrities prefer to keep out of the press. Recently, she revealed that she had postpartum depression (PPD) after Luna was born and that she was also diagnosed with anxiety, which she treats with an antidepressant.

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