Angel Carter's Tribute to Her Late Sister Bobbie Jean Will Move Fans to Tears

Bobbie Jean is the third Carter sibling to pass away.

Angel, Aaron, and Bobbie Jean Carter
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The Carter family has experienced another devastating loss, and Angel Carter Conrad is speaking out.

Jane Carter, mother to Angel and Nick Carter, as well as the late Aaron and Leslie, announced her daughter Bobbie Jean's death on Saturday. Bobbie Jean was 41 and is survived by her daughter, Bella.

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In Conrad's post about her late sister, she praised Bobbie Jean while alluding to the difficult childhood she and her siblings faced. "Experiencing innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering is incredibly important for children, particularly at such a young age," Conrad wrote. "I know why Leslie, Aaron, and now you ended up in the circumstances that you did."

Conrad's heartfelt message noted that Bobbie Jean was her "best friend" when they were children, adding that her sister "had a great sense of humor and a lively spirit." She ended her Instagram tribute with a shoutout to On Our Sleeves, a mental health initiative focused on helping children.

"We all need to break down barriers, reduce stigmas, and cultivate a society where seeking mental health support is met with understanding and encouragement. This starts with our children, and creating healthy conversation within the home," Conrad wrote. "The generational dysfunction stops now."

The "trauma" Conrad mentions in her post includes the family's history of addiction. "Addiction has been a major issue in my family," she told People in August. While Bobbie Jean's cause of death is unclear, Aaron and Leslie's deaths were both linked to drug use.

Nick Carter hasn't yet paid tribute to Bobbie Jean, but his most recent Instagram post is flooded with comments from fans expressing their sympathy for the family's loss.

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