King Charles Releases New Royal Portrait in Honor of U.K.'s Armed Forces Day

The new photo was issued during the 80th anniversary year of D-Day.

A new portrait of The King has been released to mark Armed Forces Day.
(Image credit: Instagram: @theroyalfamily)

King Charles has released a new royal portrait in commemoration of the U.K.'s Armed Forces Day.

The monarch, who also serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the country's Armed Services, released the new photograph on June 29 to honor and recognize military members, their families, veterans and current cadets.

According to People, the portrait was taken in the Grand Corridor at Windsor Castle back in November 2023, but was released during the 80th anniversary year of D-Day.

The new portrait was shared via Kensington Palace's many social media accounts, including Instagram.

"The photograph features His Majesty wearing his Field Marshal No1 Full Ceremonial Frock Coat with medals, sword and decorations," the caption of the photograph reads in part, and in addition to urging fans and viewers to learn more about the royal family and the U.K.'s military.

The portrait was captured by photographer Hugo Burnand, who—along with the royal household—was credited on social media. According to People, Burnand has captured many official photos for the royal family, including official coronation portraits and the Cabinet Office's photograph of the King.

Burnand also photographed King Charles and Camilla's 2005 wedding portrait.

Royal fans were quick to share their approval of King Charles' most recent portrait, while also comparing it to his arguably less-than-favorable first official portrait post-coronation.

"A much better portrait of our Majesty The King ❤️," one fan wrote in the comments.

"I love this portrait the best. You can see his sensitive, intelligent eyes," another posted.

"Great portrait 👏👏👏👏👏much better than that red painting. Long Live The King ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️," one fan commented.

In addition to the new royal portrait, Buckingham Palace released a video of Queen Camilla giving a heartfelt message to veterans and active duty service members.

Artist Jonathan Yeo and King Charles III stand in front of the portrait of the King Charles III by artist Jonathan Yeo as it is unveiled in the blue drawing room at Buckingham Palace on May 14, 2024 in London, England.

Artist Jonathan Yeo and King Charles III stand in front of the portrait of the King Charles III by artist Jonathan Yeo as it is unveiled in the blue drawing room at Buckingham Palace on May 14, 2024 in London, England.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

 "I am deeply honored to join you all on Armed Forces Day. Whether in this country or overseas, we celebrate the service of the men and women in our military and thank you all for everything you do to protect this country of ours," she said in the video, which was reportedly filmed in the Morning Room at Clarence House and produced by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS).

"We also remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of stability and peace around the world," she continued, before discussing her recent experience in Normandy in honor of D-Day. "We were reminded of the incredible bravery of the Allied land, sea and air forces whose combined endeavors brought about the liberation of Western Europe and in whose debt we shall forever be."

Queen Camilla went on to say that decades later, she knows "that that same spirit and those same qualities remain much in evidence throughout our Armed Forces, as you undertake your duties in the face of a multitude of challenges and dangers," seeming alluding to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

"In so doing, you not only protect these Isles, but also defend liberties way beyond these shores.," she added. "Your determination, unrelenting efforts and selfless loyalty to each other and to the United Kingdom are as enduring as our gratitude."

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