Staind Frontman Chastises Male Fans for Taking Advantage of A Crowd-Surfing Young Girl

As he should.

It's no secret that artists and bands love their fans, but that doesn't mean they'll look past unseemingly behavior during a show. Case in point: Staind frontman Aaron Lewis.

During the rock band's performance at Kansas City Rockfest 2014, Lewis noticed that a group of men were taking advantage of young girl who was crowd-surfing. Mid-song, he couldn't tolerate it anymore and decided to do something. He proceeded to chastise the men in a #NSFW rant, which ended with him telling the girls: "Now girls, feel free to crowdsurf safely." His blusters were met with cheers from the audience.

As someone whose crowd-surfed a few times in her day, I appreciate this bold admonishment — especially on the heels of Iggy Azalea's outspokeness on the issue. Just last month, the Australian rapper revealed that she has to take precautions when crowd-surfing during her concerts due to fear of being assaulted.

Watch Lewis' diatribe at the 0:40 mark, below:

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