MC@Play with Superhero Andrew Garfield

The star of the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" discusses his dream super powers, the truth behind the skin-tight Spidey suit, and his passion for WWO and helping orphans like Peter Parker.

He may be playing a superhero in the highly anticipated summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man, but to the children of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Peter Parker's got nothing on Andrew Garfield.

The adorably modest Brit, wearing a dapper navy check Gucci suit, took time off from his non-stop publicity tour for the latest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise to host an intimate New York City cocktail reception for WWO with founder Dr. Jane Aronson. MC's Sergio Kletnoy and I got him to shed some light on his partnership with the organization and — okay, okay, we couldn't resist… — reveal what it was really like wearing that skin-tight Spidey suit. (Watch the video above for the full scoop!)

Off-camera, Garfield opened up about why a single 20-something guy who came from "a middle-class unbroken home" would be so passionate about orphaned children.

"My brother had twin boys recently, and these boys are loved," he said. "Harry and Josh were coming into the world at the same time as I was interacting with kids in Ethiopia and Haiti. It was profoundly upsetting to see the contrast and the unjustness of a defenseless child's birthright being stripped of him."

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters everywhere July 3. And to be a real superhero to an orphaned child, make a donation to WWO.

andrew garfield and emma stone

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who came out to the event in support of her costar-turned-boyfriend, show off colorful specs (made from pipe cleaners!) to resemble Dr. Aronson's trademark glasses.