This Woman's Hilarious Take on Her Building Catching Fire Is the Best Thing to Happen to News Interviews

"Not toDAY."

First, there was Antoine Dodson and his description of a home intruder who's "climbin' in your windows, he's snatchin' your people up." Then there was Sweet Brown, whose response to bronchitis was "ain't nobody got time for that." Now, there is Michelle Dobyne, whose incredible recap of a fire at her apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has given birth to the catchphrase "Not toDAY!"

In an interview with KOTV, Dobyne gave a colorful description of the events that proves you can take a woman out of a fire but you can't take the fire out of a woman.

"My friend came to the door and she said…well I was on the phone cooking me and my baby some breakfast, and she said, 'Hey, something is wrong—it's poppin!' I said 'What!?' She said 'Yeah,' I said 'Nah!' So the girl comes downstairs, she comes out of her apartment with her baby with no shoes on I said 'Ah girl it's cold outside!' She said 'Something ain't right!' I said 'Aw man!' and she said 'Aw man, the building is on fire!' I said 'Nah, what?' and I grabbed my three kids. We bounced out…ain't gonna be in no fire, not today!"

According to WGNTV, no one was seriously injured in the fire, meaning you're not a terrible human for laughing. And she's not the only resident to look on the bright side in a bad situation. News on 6 wrote that the building's residents were "in smiles despite their situation," and that one said, ""I can't cook, I can't eat, I can't get warm. But I still got breath." 

Honestly, these people give me life. Next time something bad happens, I'm just going to turn around and say:

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