Turns Out O.J. Simpson Really *Did* Threaten Suicide in Kim Kardashian's Bedroom

Well, that's enough to traumatize someone.

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The People v. O.J. Simpson is rehashing all kinds of old school drama (keep living that '90s dream, David Schwimmer!), including the time O.J. threatened to kill himself in Kim Kardashian's bedroom. The shocking moment depicts Kim's dad, Robert Kardashian, telling O.J. (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Do not kill yourself in Kimmy's bedroom," which—turns out—is a thing that actually happened.

Robert Kardashian confirmed that O.J. almost took his own life in Kim's bedroom during a circa 1996 interview he did with Barbara Walters from Kim's bedroom. So meta. 

"I saw [him] wrapped in a towel, a gun. I didn't know what to make of it, I was stunned," Robert said. "He said 'I'm gonna kill myself.' I said 'O.J., I could never walk in this room, my daughter couldn't sleep in this bed. She'd know what happened here."

Looks like The People v. O.J. Simpson is keeping it pretty real, though they did take some liberties with 13-year-old Kim's room. Tragically, those Joey Lawrence and Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters were the result of Ryan Murphy's imagination—which means Kim probably wasn't a JTT fan-girl at heart. 

Watch Robert Kardashian's interview below, starting at minute four.

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