Susan Sarandon and Piers Morgan Are Fighting About Her Breasts on Twitter

Ugh, Piers, they're just boobs.

Susan Sarandon
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Piers Morgan has 99 problems, and Susan Sarandon's breasts are inexplicably one (two?) of them. While the rest of us were tearing up over the actress' sweet and moving speech about David Bowie during the SAG Awards, Piers was on Twitter stressing out about her cleavage.

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Nope, not ok. Fortunately, Susan shot back with this, which unfortunately prompted Piers to partially blind the internet.

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The breast-fearing host then vaguely attempted an apology, which was clearly just an excuse for him to criticize Susan Sarandon's breasts yet again.

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Some notes, for the educational purposes of Piers Morgan:

1. Breasts don't make everyone uncomfortable just because they make you uncomfortable.

2. Tweets like this are proof that the casual objectification of women is still a very real problem.

3. We very much doubt David Bowie would have a problem with his friend's super-classy take on a pants suit.

Zooming for an extreme closeup of David Bowie

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