Amy Schumer Responds to Claims of Racism: "I Can't Think of Anybody I'm Racist Against"

The comedian goes on the defense.

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Now is 100 percent the time to maintain an open dialogue about systemic racism in this country, which is why the accountability Lena Dunham took for her controversial interview with Amy Schumer was a huge breath of fresh air.

Schumer has stayed pretty quiet about the interview, but spoke candidly to Andy Cohen during Monday's Watch What Happens Live. Short version? She supports Lena, but maintains that we all have "room to learn." Long version? Keep reading.

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"I think people definitely target Lena," Schumer said. "I think everybody has room to learn more about other cultures and racism, what's offensive and what's not. I spoke up a little bit just 'cause I want to get my girl's back. I love Lena. I know she has the best intentions. I think we all have room to learn."

That said, the comedian maintains that she's not racist—a label she was given after tweeting and deleting a comment about men of color. "I can't think of anybody I'm racist against," she said. "You know what I mean? When I get accused of that, I'm just like, 'You got the wrong Jew. You got the wrong Jew. You're barking up the wrong Jew!'"

Watch the video below for Schumer's comments in full—and find out which question she pled the fifth to (hint: it's about the return of her show).

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