A Horrifying Look at the Alleged Hate Crimes Sweeping Our Country in the Wake of Trump's Win

Is this what life looks like in Trump's America?

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What you are about to read is an aggregation of tweets and stories documenting the alleged hate crimes against women, Muslims, people of color, and other minorities sweeping the country following Donald Trump's election.

The president-elect didn't denounce the behavior until Sunday night, on his 60 Minutes interviewinterview, when he said this in response to Lesley Stahl's questioning:

"I would say don't do it, that's terrible, because I'm going to bring this country together. [...] I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, stop it. If it helps, I will say this, and I will say it right to the camera: Stop it."

As the shock of Trump's win wears off, it's easy to focus on "good news" (looking at you, #BidenMemes) and shield ourselves from the reality that faces us. But we must never shy away from the real-world effects of our votes or opt out of bearing witness to the persecution of others, and the onus is on us to educate ourselves about their experiences. Soon, they could be our own.

In Bethesda, Maryland, an elementary school was vandalized with swastikas and "other inappropriate images," according to Bethesda MagazineThe offensive images were spray-painted on school banners, sidewalks, and telephone poles. While the assistant principal was quick to respond to the incident and promised the graffiti will be removed ASAP, the whole situation is made all the sadder/scarier because on Sundays, the school is used by a Jewish congregation for its weekly services.

In Georgia, a Muslim teacher at a high school shared a note written to her by one of her students suggesting that she hang herself with her headscarf. "Your headscarf isn't allowed anymore. Why don't you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it off of your neck instead of your head," the note, which was signed "America," read.

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In Michigan, a University of Michigan student was threatened by a man and told to remove her hijab or he'd set her on fire, according to the Washington Post. She complied and was unharmed, and authorities are calling it a hate crime with officers investigating.

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