Like You, Malin Åkerman *Also* Ignores Her Growing Pile of Unread Emails

And 13 other things we learned from her phone.

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Ever wondered what's on your favorite celebrity's phone (ya know, in a non-weird way)? teamed up with Malin Åkerman to unlock some cellular secrets, and got details on the actress' personal notes , Google searches, and even her lock screen photo. Let's collectively swipe right, shall we?

What was the last photo you liked on Instagram? "Have you ever heard of Elephant Journal? They have these really nice quotes that just make you feel good on bad days. And they had a little quote in a heart that says 'Be Mine.' Then there's an arrow going down that says 'Just kidding, be your own autonomous person.' I liked that."

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What was the last podcast you listened to? "I listen to TED Talks, and Robyn O'Brien is a wonderful woman who talks a lot about the business of GMOs, and everything that has to do with healthy foods. She's incredible, a mother of three—it's a really great listen, I'd recommend it to anyone."

Look at your camera roll—what was the last random thing you screen-grabbed? "Again, here we go with the quotes. I screen grab quotes, and Maya Angelou was the last I screen grabbed. It says, 'when you know better, you do better.'"

What's the oldest photo on your phone? "It's a photo of me, my mom, and my dad when I was six years old posing in my grandfather's backyard in Sweden."

The newest? "My son going to school today in his little rain jacket."

What's a Twitter draft you still haven't pushed send on? "I don't have any. I never draft anything, if I have anything to say, I say it and I push send."

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The last song you played on Spotify? "'My Friend' by Groove Armada."

What about your most *played* song? "'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen, because it's my son's favorite song right now."

What was the last think you Google searched? "Kids U. We had a birthday party to go to and I had to Google search that!"

What was the last thing you bought using your phone? "I bought the Walmart Hotel Luxury line—their new bedding and sheets that are amazing, so that was my last purchase."

What do you have filed away in notes? "I have grocery lists, films to see, and restaurants to go to."

What's your phone's lock screen photo? "It's a photo of my son!"

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Open your alarm clock app: how many alarms are saved in there right now? "I only have three—and I just keep changing them every time I have something new. To be honest with you, most of the time my son gets me up before I even want to get up, so I don't set alarms unless I have a 4 a.m. call time for work."

How many unread messages are in your little bubble email counter right now? "14,143. I don't know what to do. I just ignore it now."

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