Dr. Miami Keeps Implying That Nicki Minaj Has Butt Implants, and She Is *Not* Here for It

Maybe it's time for men to stop speculating about women's bodies 😡.

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Even though it's 2017 and we really should all know better, the internet suddenly seems preoccupied with Nicki Minaj's butt—more specifically, whether she's had implants. Which, let's be clear, is approximately no one's business—especially not famed plastic surgeon Dr. Miami.

The Brazilian Butt Lift expert allegedly Snapchatted a signed photo of Nicki at Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery Associates, causing Nicki to tweet at him for an explanation all the way back in December 2015.

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Flash forward more than TWO YEARS later, Dr. Miami is back at it, implying that when Nicki's butt starts to "sag," he won't be available to help her. Feel free to 😡 at this point.

Okay, several things:

1) It's been two years—how is Dr. Miami *still* trying to start something with Nicki Minaj?

2) Discussing whether or not someone's butt will sag on a public—or indeed private—platform is truly despicable.

3) This is blatant sexism and a reminder of what women have to put up with on a daily basis.

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