Evan Rachel Wood Tore into Ben Affleck for Saying Kissing a Man Is the Greatest Acting Challenge

"Try getting raped in a scene."

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Of all the things Evan Rachel Wood doesn't have time for, Ben Affleck seems pretty high on the list. Apparently (according to Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith at least), Affleck once said the following about kissing his co-star Jason Lee: "A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face."

😁 😶 😐 .

Obviously, this is an idiotic thing to say. The fact that Affleck said it in the '90s (when Chasing Amy came out) is really no excuse, and Evan Rachel Wood has some thoughts on the matter. The Westworld actress hit Twitter to address the comments, saying "try getting raped in a scene."

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She also wrote (in a now deleted tweet) "you think us ladies like kissing all the guys we kiss? Just cause its a 'straight kiss' doesnt [sic] mean we enjoy it. Ahem." When someone on Twitter pointed out that the quote was old, she responded, "I'm sure he just thought it was a funny, but even jokes like that are damaging."

Wood says she chose to delete the tweets due to the disturbing responses they garnered.

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