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Why You Don't Always Have a Crush on Mr. Perfect
Is it impossible to be into someone who's too much like you?
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Our Favorite Way to Talk about Love
Do you have a crush? Are you on fire? Is he hot? We use metaphors al…
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Forbidden Fruit: How to Deal When Your Crush Is...
It's frustrating when you're into someone who has a boyfriend or gir…
4 Reasons Why Dating Is So Hard
Somehow I woke up at 9 a.m. this past Saturday to get Arcade Fire ti…
Why Do I Make Girl Friends, but Not Girlfriends?
The other day my friend Claire asked me to set mouse traps for her i…
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9 Reasons It's Tough to Be Friends with a Crush
Most guy-girl friend duos were once complicated because one person had a crush on the other person.  In fact, many of my friendships wi…
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The Tragedy of Showing Too Much of My Feminine Side
The other night I ran into a girl who my friends call "loofah girl". Her and her friend came to a Halloween party a few weeks back c…
How Lying Helps Your Relationship
They say "honesty is the best policy," and this rings true in dating. But women accuse me of speaking too truthfully, believe it or no…
How Your Senses Affect Your Relationship
Guys are visual creatures, but the other senses are important for a complete experience with someone.
4 Reasons I Need to Forget About My First Love
I have never been in love. But, from 8th to 12th grade, I did believe I was in love a few times.
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
16 Girls, 16 Lessons Learned (Part 1)
As you know, my life has been filled with dating mistakes, and the occasional lucky triumph.
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Friends or Lovers?
After all this cluelessness, Ive finally discovered that it helps to become friends with someone before actually dating them. But ther…
Who Is Your "One That Got Away?"
Do you have "the one that got away?" To qualify, they must have the following two characteristics:We had to have a chance with them at…
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
My Sarah Palin Crush
I think I have a crush on Sarah Palin. She intrigues and intimidates me-two necessary ingredients for a crush. I admit, she could kick…
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How Do You Keep Sparks In Your Relationship?
Fourth of July conjures up memories of steamed crabs, fireflies, and sparklers. Yeah, those things are kind of random, but that's the …
Can You Help Me Define Romance? (Part One)
This past weekend, I was at my parent's house and I took look through my memory box that I keep under my bed. While rifling through o…
Can You Help Me Define Romance (Part 2)
There are 21 definitions for "romance" on dictionary.com. None of them do the word justice. To me, romance is a memory you have of bein…
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Crush of the Month: Nerds!
What is it about the geek that gets us going?
Actor Michael Cera arrives to the 2007 Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheater on August 26, 2007 in Universal City, California.
Crush of the Month: Boys!
We're no Mary Kay Letourneau.