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The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
Want to earn more? Spend smarter? Live a glamorous life? Take charge of your money with our financial cheat sheet.
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What It Costs to be Me
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The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
They did it, and you can, too. How to turn your 9 to 5 into the ulti…
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Money Shrink Makeovers
We sent a pair of successful professionals with serious wallet woes …
Answers From The Beauty Experts
What's the Most You've Spent on Beauty?
Four women spill about their beauty splurges.
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How To Negotiate Anything
5 purchases you can and should haggle over.
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The Smart Gal's Guide to Tax Refunds
Consider these suggestions.
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7 Ways to Save Some Cash
A new book offers realistic rules for saving and spending it.