The Amazons Are Wearing Bikinis in 'Justice League' and People Are Furious

The costume designer for 'Wonder Woman'? A woman. The costume designer for 'Justice League'? A man.

amazon bikini
(Image credit: Warner Brothers)

Wonder Woman was great for many reasons (Diana Prince for president, etc.), but one of the most lauded moments was the representation of the Amazons, a team of female fighters who spend their lives on an island devoid of men.

This group of women were brought to life by director Patty Jenkins and costumed by designer Lindy Hemming, and their outfits were essentially armor. Flash forward to Justice League, and fans have noticed that the Amazons' attire—designed by Michael Wilkinson with direction by Zack Snyder—are slightly...smaller.

The discrepancy was first flagged by a fan, and quickly became a source of frustration for the internet.

FYI, some pointed to the fact that the Justice League costumes could be from a prehistoric era where their armor his different, but still. Side eyes.

Here's a reminder of how cool the Amazons are, and why their armor is so important:

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