14 Weird-but-True Reasons Real People Have Gotten Divorced

You don't like 'Frozen?' We're through.

While the divorce rate seemingly goes up as the years go by, these real-life people take "irreconcilable differences" to a whole other level. Here, 15 people get candid about their bizarre, messy reasons for divorce.

1. Because he was too much of a Chatty Cathy

Maybe it's best to keep the pillow talk to a minimal? Back in 2012, a woman filed from divorce for her husband because he talked too much and couldn't keep any secrets to himself. "My husband has no trust in me," she said. "Instead he shares his problems with friends and relatives who will mislead him."

2. Because he voted for Donald Trump

Gayle McCormick, 73, left her husband of 22 years after she found out he had plans to vote for Trump. "I felt like I had been fooling myself," she said. "It opened up areas between us I had not faced before."

3. Because he was "hell-bent" on working for Donald Trump

Do you see the pattern here? Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scarmucci's wife divorced him as soon as she found out he was going to work for Trump.

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4. Because she was "possessed by the devil"

That moment you realize you're living a real-life horror film. In April 2017, an Italian man reportedly filed for divorce after witnessing his wife levitate into the air. Casual.

5. Because his penis was too big

Aisha Dannupawa, a Nigerian housewife and mother of three, asked to dissolve her marriage because her husband's penis was too big. They didn't have sex before marriage, and once they did, she described the experience as a "nightmare." Rough.

6. Because he didn't like 'Frozen'

An anonymous 29-year-old woman reportedly divorced her husband after he told her, "I didn't really care for it, personally. Did you really think it was that good?" And then it pretty much went downhill from there. It's okay—just...

7. Because he left dishes in the sink

No dirty dishes, ya hear, men? "Every time she'd walk into the kitchen and find a drinking glass by the sink, she moved incrementally closer to moving out and ending our marriage," one man reflects. "I just didn't know it yet."

8. Because her makeup wasn't waterproof

According to Mr. Perfect, his 28-year-old Arab bride "deceived him" by "using so many cosmetics and fake eyelashes" that washed off as they enjoyed a beach day shortly after they tied the knot. Total douche award goes to you-know-who.


9. Because he wouldn't take her career seriously

Judge Judy divorced her first husband because he viewed her career as a hobby. "My first husband is a lovely, lovely man but he always viewed my job as a hobby and there came a time where I resented that," she said. Case closed.

10. Because he didn't text back

One woman from Taiwan kept texting her husband, and received zero responses. She even texted him letting him know she was in the hospital—still nothing. Therefore, he's officially blocked.

11. Because his wife didn't have a vagina

This one just makes us angry/terrifically sad. On a television show, one man revealed he divorced his wife because she wasn't born with a vagina. He neglected to mention that she has Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), which leaves sufferers without a vagina, cervix, or uterus.


12. Because she just had to Snapchat, didn't she?

A couple from Saudi Arabia got divorced because the bride posted Snapchats at their wedding. "There was a prenuptial agreement between my sister and her fiancé that she would not use social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter to post or send her pictures," the bride's brother revealed.

13. Because he wouldn't install a toilet

A man from India forced his wife to go the bathroom in fields because he refused to build a toilet in their house. The court determined it as a form of torture and granted the woman her divorce.

14. Because he refused to shower

For eight weeks, people. Eight weeks.


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