10 Songs to Get You Over Your Breakup

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We know, we know — the summer should be the season of fun, no-strings-attached flings, but what happens if you and your guy recently called it quits, instead? Avoid the bad breakover haircut and instead click through our 10-track playlist that's sure to boost your endorphins and mentally kick him to the curb.

1. "Firework," Katy Perry

Unlike so many of Katy Perry's lovey-dovey, super-sweet pop tunes, "Firework" is a familiar, self-affirming anthem that has way more girl power swagger than any of her other tracks. Unlike "Teenage Dream" which very blatantly laments a breakup, or "California Gurls" which isn't really about anything at all, "Firework" packs a serious serving of you-are-better-than-him punch. After all, after a hurricane comes a rainbow, right?

2. "Girl on Fire," Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj

Leave it to Alicia Keys to put together a sexy song about being an alpha woman on top of the world. So, your fire got temporarily dampened by a brief rainstorm. Don't worry, Alicia says, you'll get that flame back soon — and it'll be burning threefold.

3. "Stronger," Kelly Clarkson

Listen to the lyrics — which is easy to do thanks to Kelly Clarkson's recognizable, belting riff — and it's more than evident that this was written for the woman getting over a nasty breakup. According to Kelly, it "doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone," but in fact, it makes you stand a little taller. This song even sounds like determination, don't you think?

4. "I Love It," Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX

So after Icona Pop's apparent breakup, the Swedish duo "threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs," then "crashed [their] car into the bridge." We don't recommend this recovery method for everyone, but we do encourage that you blast this at full volume and scream "I don't care!" as loudly as possible at the song's appropriate timing.

5. "22," Taylor Swift

A breakup may make you feel happy, free, confused, and even lonely — at the same time. It might be miserable and magical, but get over it by dressing up like hipsters and making fun of your exes. Doctor's (read: Taylor Swift's) orders.

6. "Merry Happy," Kate Nash

Oh, this song is just adorable. Singer-songwriter Kate Nash presents the logical, rationally minded rationale for moving on from your ex, namely, "You make me very, very happy, but you didn't want to stick around." The track's bridge features an almost therapeutic repetition of "I" statements — "I can be alone" and "I can watch the sunsets on my own," for example. Kate's onto something with this song, and that something is the much-needed cold, hard truth.

7. "Dancing On My Own," Robyn

"Dancing On My Own" perfectly paints the picture of that party you went to where that ex of yours spent the evening canoodling with that new flame of his. We've all been there, and it's not a fun way to spend an evening. But Robyn puts a refreshing spin on this age-old, relationship phenomenon, inspiring you to hit the dance floor, have a wonderful night, and forget about that loser rather than send piercing death stares his way.

8. "Clique," Kanye

What's any breakup without your trusted crew of gal pals ready and willing to force-feed you pinot grigio? Stick with your clique, because you know they have your back — day-in and day-out. Don't remember to thank them once you've moved on from your refined sugar diet.

9. "Wannabe," Spice Girls

As the original and definitive source on girl power, the Spice Girls' 1996 single "Wannabe" is essentially a self-righteous how-to guide to love, dating, and relationships. The lyrics are the single most important reference material for female empowerment. Listen, sing along, and repeat.

10. "Anything Could Happen," Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" is just a do good, feel good, love your life, love your friends anthem. The number one rule of any breakup (aside from not repeatedly calling your ex after happy hour): Keep yourself open to love. It's not worth your time, energy, and tears to dwell on someone who didn't fight for a place in your life. Remember that you can find someone who will.

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