19 Drugstore Concealers That Never Crease or Slide

You'll never look like a melted candle again.

Woman Wearing Concealer
(Image credit: Getty Images ¦ Brendon Thorne)

Don't you love that feeling when your concealer melts and slips into every crease and crevice of your face by noon? (Oh, and do you also hate ice cream, puppies, and fun?) What we're trying to say is that bad concealer is a plague upon our hard-wrought makeup looks. That's why a really good concealer (opens in new tab) is crucial. Concealer is my favorite makeup product, like ever. A swipe under your eyes will wake up your face like a warm cup of coffee does your body in the morning. And patting a concealer (opens in new tab) atop a problem area will make you forget it's even there—it's like magic.

What are the best concealers you can get at the drugstore?

This doesn't mean that vital concealer formulas have to be pricy. On the contrary! Some of our Marie Claire editors' favorite concealers happen to be found one aisle over from the paper towels at our local drugstore. So if you're into that whole long-lasting, dark circle-combatting, acne-covering thing, you'll be pleased to know that we've rounded up the absolute best drugstore concealers that actually stay put from the moment you blend them on. Even better, these winners make price tags look pointless when it comes to achieving the perfect look.

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