The 24 Best America's Next Top Model Contestants of All Time

I will only call one name. Well, 24 names.

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Compiling this list has been a journey, my personal odyssey, if you will; a marathon I've been training for since my early teens. America's Next Top Modela cultural touchstone and at times deeply problematic slice of the current landscape in reality TV—has featured more than 300 contestants in total. That's roughly 250 makeovers, 280 utterances of, "I have two photos in my hands," 24 winners (25 if you count Angelea, which we should), exactly two people who became household names (Analeigh Tipton and Winnie Harlow), and one beard weave. It was a lot to parse through, but for you, I have taken on that challenge.

Reader: The next name I call is the girl (or boy) who will continue on in the history books of America's Next Top Model.

I will only say 24 names.

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