This Video of a Partially Paralyzed Woman Getting Ready Is Seriously Inspiring

"I have always hated somebody else helping me do something or doing it for me."

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When Manon Slomkowski got into a motorcycle accident a year ago, her life changed forever. Because of the accident, the 20-year-old suffers from brachial plexus palsy—damage to the nerves that control her left arm. Since then, she's had to relearn how to get dressed, put makeup on, and all the "routine" things that we often don't even think about.

Posting a video of her new routine to her Facebook page, and then to YouTube, the video has already been viewed more than five million times.

"I am teaching myself every day how to support myself, how to find solutions," she told the Huffington Post. "You can see in my video, for instance, the solution for my bra: one of my friends, who is able-bodied, gave it to me, because I was tired of always waiting for somebody to help me hook it up! I have always hated somebody else helping me do something or doing it for me. This encouraged me to make an effort to support myself."

She continued: "If I had to give advice to all the people who have suffered from injuries caused by any kind of road accident, I would tell them 'Be happy and fight for your lives,' because you still have the chance to see tomorrow. To all road drivers, remember that you are not untouchable, and the 30 seconds when I thought I was almost killed me. You don't want that, so drive slowly and carefully."

Watch the enlightening video below:

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