This Genius New Netflix Hack Lets You Binge-Watch Without Shame

Don't judge me for watching 'Scandal' for 24 hours straight.

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Sometimes, you just need to spend an entire night mindlessly watching Netflix. So it's super rude when that message pops up a few episodes into your favorite Shonda Rhimes show, asking you if you're still watching. Yes, I'm still watching, and don't judge me for it!

But luckily, there's finally a solution, at least to those of us who watch Netflix on our computers. The Next Web points out a new extension for the Chrome browser called Flix Assist, and it gets rid of the judgmental side of Netflix.  It not only gets rid of the "Continue Watching" button and reminder, but it also gets rid of the "next episode in…" countdown clock. You'll just breeze right through to the next episode.

Creator Josh Kirk, a developer with Third Wish Creative in Milwakuee, used the hashtags #lazy and #efficient when promoting the extension, which is exactly right:

Perhaps #enabling might be a better way to frame Flix Assist, but hey, you can control yourself while watching a whole season of Battlestar Galactica, right?

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