Watch Your Back, Tinder. There's a New Dating App Here

FWBs be on notice that you are now going to be obsolete.

Intent is important. For example, if you're hitting the bars with the girls, are you trying to have a memorable drunken night dancing? Ultimately hook up with a guy? Having a conscious intention on why you're out and throwing back the vodka sodas will help steer you away from unconscious actions once those drinks kick in.

Courtesy of Heavenly Sinful

As a man, I often hear in my head the voice of a lady's father asking what my intentions are for his daughter. But when you meet someone at a party or online, and you think they're hot, it's best to know what you want to happen. If you want a one-night stand, then you should communicate that clearly (easier said than done, right?). If you want something more serious, then it's probably best to make that clear before you head home together (or avoid going home with a guy right away). In that sense, it's not enough to know your intention when dating, it's best to state them too so you can make sure you are both on the same page.

Cue this new dating app out on the market: Heavenly Sinful. It's like Tinder in that it's location-based, but unlike Tinder you get to know what someone's intentions are right away. No longer do you swipe right with a cutie you want to date, match, and then get disappointed when they only message you at 3 AM saying "Come over." Here you know what the other person is in the mood for before you even get to chatting.

Users can swipe up for "Heavenly," to find a serious commitment, or swipe down for "Sinful," to find something more casual. Your mood (heavenly or sinful) is kept anonymous until there's a match. Now, just like when you go out to the bars on a Friday night, your intention may change week by week. That's okay—every time you see a new profile you can chose whether you want to be casual or serious with that person.

The only downside we see is there aren't the number of potential mates that Tinder and other dating apps have ready to go because it's so new. But, they do have Tinder beat in as least one way though: users can upload and send a video so they can actually explain why and how they ended up in a picture with a baby tiger (some things just won't change from app to app). If you match with someone, either in the heavenly or in the sinful column, you can send them a clip...we can only imagine what type of clips the "Sinful" matches will be sending.

With this app, you can figure out not just if someone's cute, but if your dad asks, you can state exactly what his intentions are (or probably best that you don't).

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