Madelaine Petsch Gets Shady With the Cast of 'Riverdale'

The actress shows off her new line of sunglasses—and hand-picks which pairs Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Archie would wear.

If you watch Riverdale, you know Madelaine Petsch is as badass IRL as her hate-to-love-her TV character, Cheryl Blossom. And now the 23-year-old actress is upping her cool-girl fashion cred, partnering with Privé Revaux—a super affordable, celeb-favorite sunglasses line—to create five unisex styles dubbed the "Privé Revaux x Madelaine" capsule collection.

"I've always been somebody who would put together an outfit and my go-to accessory would be a pair of sunglasses," Petsch tells "I went to Privé's launch party about nine months ago and they knew I was a fan of their frames, so they reached out to me to make my own collection. It’s been a dream of mine forever to do something in fashion, and it just felt like the right time with the right people."

Privé x Madelaine includes five pairs titled, "Street," "Candy," "Mister," "Rogue," and "Clique." "I avoided picking the names for so long—it’s a lot harder than you think. My parents wanted to name me Street when I was a kid and I was like 'Oh, Street.' Then my boyfriend and I were talking about another pair and I was like, 'These kind of remind me of Candy,'" explains Petsch. "The Misters seem sexually ambiguous to me, which I like, and the Clique feel like very cliquey, standard glasses from the ‘90s. The bar in the middle of the Rogue's seem very fierce, so I was like 'Rogue is the perfect name for this.'"

The best part? Every Privé pair is just $30. But the low price doesn't mean they're not top-notch and completely drool-worthy—celebs like Bella HadidBlake LivelyNick JonasAshley BensonCara Delevingne, and Jennifer Lopez have all been spotted wearing the brand's shades since it launched last summer.

So, what would the Riverdale cast be caught in? We asked Madelaine to choose which pairs Cheryl, Betty, Veronica, and Archie would rock on an average day in Riverdale hanging out in Pop's or, you know, catching the Black Hood.

Cheryl: The Mister's

"Cheryl would wear the black Mister's. They’re edgy, classy, and they've got that little feisty cat wing at the end, which is why I totally think she would wear them. I actually made these particular glasses with her in mind."

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(Image credit: Kat Wirsing)

Veronica: The Candy's

"Veronica would definitely wear my purple Candy's. She wears a lot of purples and blues on the show, and I just feel like Cami [Mendes] would totally rock these in general, obviously."

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(Image credit: Kat Wirsing)

Betty: The Street's

"At first I was going to say the pink Candy’s, but the rose gold Street's feel very Betty to me. They remind me of a different era, and to me Betty feels like she’s from a different time. They’re sweet-looking, like Betty, so I totally see her pulling them off."

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(Image credit: Kat Wirsing)

Archie: The Clique's

"Archie would wear these black and brown tortoise shell Clique’s. KJ Apa wears glasses similar to these in real life, and they would totally frame his face well. The brown would also bring out the red in his hair. They’re simple enough that he would like them, but also different enough that he would think that they’re cool."

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(Image credit: Kat Wirsing)

Privé Revaux x Madelaine is now available in-store and online; Photographs by Kathryn Wirsing.

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