Holy Hell, Riverdale's Archie Just Dyed His Hair Black

This is a sign of the apocalypse, right?

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KJ Apa, a.k.a. Archie, a.k.a. Riverdale's resident cute redhead, a.k.a. my secret future husband and/or cuddle buddy, just ditched his ginger hair and dyed it black. Please collect the shards of your heart and keep reading.

Yes, Apa's signature hair color is officially gone (at least, for now) as he proved in a selfie posted to his Instagram Stories this morning. In the photo, Apa is standing in front of a bathroom mirror with inky, jet-black hair—and an equally black shirt—with the caption "Boys are back on ☠."

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Not only is Apa giving me serious 2007 Myspace vibes (My Chemical Romance, anyone?), but he's also most definitely no longer looking like the same wholesome-ish Archiekins we know and love.

Season two of Riverdale just wrapped, so I'm assuming Apa wanted to feel like his normal ol' self again for at least a few months before filming—and hair dyeing— starts up again. Which, you know, is understandable, considering the fact that Archie isn't real, Apa is an actor, and his natural hair color is actually dark brown in real life.

Still, I'll be pumped for my future-betrothed's hair to turn back to ginger, if only because it'll signal the impending new season of the best show ever.

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