Tim Gunn Fixes Your Fashion Dilemmas

Everyone's favorite Project Runway mentor solves all of your style conundrums. This month: tights, slacks, and bib necklaces.GET MORE STYLE ADVICE FROM TIM GUNN: Check out his rules for evening fashion, plus his jewelry tips!

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Cold Faux Pas?

"Is it ever OK to go bare-legged in cold weather?"

Having just returned from Florida, I am reminded that this subject is very regional. If you live in a perpetually warm climate, then all of the seasons tend to run together. If you live in a northern climate, this issue is more related to comfort than fashion. If you have an incredibly hearty disposition and can weather — literally and metaphorically — the chill and bluster, then by all means do it. But you may find that the opaque tights that are very in this season — and very chic, I might add — are a welcome antidote to your comfort and your fashion. Just one piece of advice: If you do go bare-legged, be mindful of wearing seasonally appropriate footwear—in other words, no sandals! 

Slacks Appeal

"I'm 5'3" with some curves. I can't wear high-waisted pants, and I'm sick of skirts and dresses. Any ideas on trendy pants that a girl like me can pull off?"

It's not just the petite who should be wary of high-waisted pants. That look is flattering on women who are tall, lithe, and long-waisted. How many of those do any of us know? I can count them on one hand. Let me suggest that you not work with trends below your waist. Instead, call attention to the upper portion of your body. Use your legs as a neutral pedestal on which to support the rest of your look. The most flattering pants for you will fall straight from the widest part of your hips. They will neither taper nor flare. Be mindful of pant length and hem it to correspond to the height of the heel you will be wearing.

Treasure Chest

"I'm interested in investing in a bib necklace, but will that trend be totally out next year?"

Although the bib necklace is on-trend at the moment, it has a deep and distinctive lineage. I give you that context because the bib style isn't merely fleeting; it's with us for good. Therefore, you can opt to invest in a bib necklace whether it's a hot item on the runway or not. If it's calling your name, then by all means answer. We should consider ourselves fortunate to find items that have a meaningful resonance. If you choose to make the bib part of your fashion signature, all the better. Work it!