20 Feminist T-Shirts to Wear for a Boost of Empowerment

Wear your feelings on your sleeve—literally.

black feminist tee shirt that says "it's my body, it's my choice"
(Image credit: the-outrage.com)

March is hailed as Women's History Month, but, in reality, women and feminism deserve to be celebrated every day. From catcalling to the wage gap, women too often get the short end of the socioeconomic stick in a myriad of ways, and maintaining constant awareness of the need for equality is the only way to ensure that all women, regardless of race, sexuality, or class, are treated equal. 

You might ask: What can we do to keep this awareness up? In addition to advocating, educating ourselves, and supporting female creatives and entrepreneurs, we can also wear our politics on our sleeves. Fashion is an excellent way of making a statement and reminding ourselves and those around us of what matters—not to mention, fashion is fun! So check out some of our favorite feminist t-shirts that you can grab right now to wear your values and show the people around you how you feel.