The 11 Black Leggings You'll Wear Around the Clock

Never trawl through dozens of online reviews again.

The 11 Black Leggings You'll Wear Around the Clock
(Image credit: Morgan McMullen/Getty Images)

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Controversial as they are, leggings—the ultimate stand-in for pants—are the past, present, and very likely, the future (opens in new tab) of fashion. Constantly in demand, leggings come in an endless array of options, but choosing the right pair requires legging-wearers to be discerning. Comfort is key, and a high-quality, contouring material can make a mere black legging a powerhouse purchase. With an emphasis on comfort culture, leggings brands have perfected sleek silhouettes in buttery soft fabrics, including some that sweat wick and quick dry. Other options come in thicker stretch jersey and wool fabrics that shape shift and elongate. Ahead, we've highlighted 11 options that will be the champion of your wardrobe.

Sara Holzman
Style Director

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