The 21 Best Leggings With Pockets, According to Customer Reviews

Time to live your best hands-free life.

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No matter how dressy we like to get with the latest fashion trends, leggings are a great wardrobe crutch when we want to be laid-back and lounge about, unencumbered by tight waistbands or rigid fabric. There are so many kinds of leggings out there, from fleece-lined leggings (opens in new tab)—for those cold, harsh winters—to your regular pair of sweat-wicking workout bottoms. No matter which one you choose, there's one important detail to consider before you make your purchase. Which is: Does it have pockets? Now, when we say pockets, we don't mean in-your-face hideous side pockets that bulge out of your leggings. You want the pockets of your leggings to blend in with your favorite casual bottoms and look seamless. Thus, we set out on a journey to find some—and discovered a ton of different options to satisfy everyone's tastes.

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